Christmas 2015

I have posts stockpiled that I am slowly editing for release to the universe.  
Late, but still worthy of a read or two.  

This post is from Christmas 2015, written for my children.

There will be times when the magic eludes you. When you lose hope. 
There will be times when you can not bear the pain.

And yet you will continue.

There will be so much disappointment.

And there will be aching joy.

There will be times you are so happy that you don't know how to embrace it all. It will literally leak from your glistening eyes.

Life will go on, until one day it doesn't. 
And that is ok. 
Because everything must come to an end eventually. 
It is how we accept the end that matters most.

How we love. How we live. How we endure.


With strength, but not without fear, just the mastery of fear. 
You can face it. 
I promise.

One day you will wake up and the magic will stare you straight in the face and you will realize that you never really gave up. 
As long as you are breathing, as long as you get out of bed, as long as you have NOT failed.

I will always believe in you.

My love will never falter.
You are my inspiration. My courage. My strength. My greatest fear and my greatest success.
My children.


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