Let's try running, maybe we get somewhere

You think I run to regulate my brain chemistry, maintain my physical appearance, empty my mind of worry and stress, escape. Fair guesses...

You are wrong.

I run to breathe.
Inhale, Exhale.
Repeat indefinitely.

I run because to not run is far worse.
I run for inspiration.
I run to teach my children what strong looks like, and how strong their mama is capable of being.

I run because I can.

I run.

This is not about whether you like running, or if YOU run or not.
This is not about you at all.

Perhaps my stories sound familiar, seem similar, or are simply very relatable to you.
Ultimately it is just me and my journey you are reading about. 
My choices.  My mistakes.  My victories.

Feel free to tag along, it is why I write, to share openly with you.

Hell, sooner or later you might even find yourself running. 
It adds a little adventure to life.

Be strong. Be RAD.


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