To HELL with Resolutions

I've never believed in new year's resolutions. Sure I made them, but like everyone February they were a long forgotten concept.

This year was a little different. As we near the end of another year I still balk at the idea of resolutions. But I find myself caught up in the whirlwind of reflection.

This year has been HARD. Yes, we have had other hard years as a family.
2017, it was a bitch of a year.
This year has been hard PERSONALLY.

This was the year that I became sober. July 5th, 2017. Almost 6 months ago.
This was the year I found my own role in our business, not just as CEO, but as an educator.
This was the year my life partner and I owned all the shit we have never worked through.
This was the year we lost our last old fur baby, and welcomed in a new one.
This was the year our kids transformed into big kids. One finally weaning, the other riding a bike with no training wheels.
This was the year I chose me first.

Y'all, it has been a year.

Our business doubled, our logo changed, we changed.
Our car was totaled, yet my daughter and I walked away unharmed.
We struggled financially, and yet grew exponentially.
We asked for help.
We allowed ourselves to receive it.
We journeyed, separate and together.

And on the horizon, on the brink of a new year, big adventures await.

No, I don't do resolutions.
I live.


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