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Hill running and life lessons

Coach has amped up my half marathon training recently. So I ran hills...with a stroller.  You're thinking the downhill would be easier and faster, I'm thinking you've never run hills.  Uphill is brutal, downhill is a race to catch up without slamming your feet into the ground trying to slow down or over striding. Hill running is about balance.  Too fast and you are eating pavement, too slow and you are crushing your feet, knees, etc. Balance. It was a short run and it was brutal. You work hard for running gains, you work hard for life goals. For some reason I felt like telling my son about hill running so the first 5 minutes I talked about how to run hills. Quick short steps up, longer strides down...but not too long.  My hill running mantra has always been "what goes up must come down." This translates into it's not always difficult, it will get easier. Every runner has a hill mantra.  Or else they walk hills. :) Then I went on a brief tangent ab