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I interrupt your day for a message about BODIES

Wow, you look really thin. (Is this even a compliment?) If I had your body I would... (Really?! Why not try not objectifying me and take a look in the mirror.) You are so lucky. (Because I choose to run A LOT and eat healthy?!) I don't know how you do it. (I choose to.) I hate running. (That's great, I love it.) I just don't have the time. (You think I do? I get up at the butt crack of dawn.) I wish I could look like you. (I wish I had a million dollars. You will never look like anyone but you.) I wish I had your strength/dedication/determination. (It is a daily effort, get to work.) Do you need to eat something? (I eat all the time. Didn't your mama teach you manners?) I have bad knees. (No you don't, unless you injured them recently. Running is great for knees.) It's just too hot. (Or too cold. There will always be an excuse if you make one.) I can't run. (Are you human? Do you have legs that work for walking? You can run...with practice.) Wha

Where will you be?

8.1 miles I made it. I set a goal of 8 miles before July, when marathon training begins, and though it took monumental dedication t get here again...I freaking made it. Anxiety be damned. Poverty?  Running is free. I came home and there was no whining or crying for mommy, just a delicious plate of food made for me by my husband. My biggest support. My coach. My partner. And smiling kiddos. WE made it. Today's run was brutal. As any long run around here goes there were more than enough hills. And I even braved running on the road in long stretches without sidewalks. I typically avoid this, but there will come a time in my future distances where it will be unavoidable. I trudged on mightily. I talked out loud to myself. I am a runner. The real moment of the run today came at about 2 miles in. I passed an elderly woman jogging a long, she beamed at me and I smiled back and said hello. Seemingly no big deal... Except by elderly I mean she was easily 85+. And JOGGING.