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To HELL with Resolutions

I've never believed in new year's resolutions . Sure I made them, but like everyone February they were a long forgotten concept. This year was a little different. As we near the end of another year I still balk at the idea of resolutions. But I find myself caught up in the whirlwind of reflection. This year has been HARD. Yes, we have had other hard years as a family. 2017, it was a bitch of a year. This year has been hard PERSONALLY. This was the year that I became sober. July 5th, 2017. Almost 6 months ago. This was the year I found my own role in our business, not just as CEO, but as an educator. This was the year my life partner and I owned all the shit we have never worked through. This was the year we lost our last old fur baby, and welcomed in a new one. This was the year our kids transformed into big kids. One finally weaning, the other riding a bike with no training wheels. This was the year I chose me first. Y'all, it has