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Staying sober in a pandemic, what's in your toolbox?

What a day...seriously. I started it with a message reminding me of my own recovery journey and a tarot reading that warned grief in my connection to others lay in this day. Of course I assumed that meant Covid19, but it didn’t. The universe had words to lay on my soul, and I recorded them. As I sat and rewatched my own message I realized that these words were meant for me, and to be shared. What we are experiencing right now is NOT NORMAL. It IS HARD. If not seemingly impossible and hopeless at times. This is what my brain wants me to believe. But my tools in my 2.5 year old toolbox (not sure why I call it toolkit in the video) tell me I can do the impossible. I’m not drunk during a pandemic. I’m not high. And today, I am alive. We don’t have to make this worse. We don’t have to numb. And we do not have to be alone. So today, if you see or hear or watch or read nothing else...know this: YOU ARE LOVED. I love you, so much. Blessed be, Dr. Jessica Need help, ask for it. O