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Part 3: Fuck it...There are just too many parts

There is no grand finale.  I left off with us moving back, right?  Well, it has been a roller coaster. It has been hard. Each day we move forward, but many days it feels like we move back. But we don't stop. It took me a while to get back here. I endured two really rough bouts with anxiety over the last week and finally got in to see my therapist today. That almost seems sugar coated. Let me scrape off the sprinkles for you. IT WAS HELL. And that is just from my angle. I don't want to try and view it from my husband's perspective. Please do not make me think of my babies. Everyone is safe. I am ok. I have a plan and I am on trajectory to keep moving forward. No one has thrown in the towel yet. Me included. But it was bad. Really, really bad. So what happens when it gets bad? Typically I hole away, close off, play pretend in public, cry in private. Life doesn't stop, even though I wish it would give me a damn break. No dice. We keep spinning. I immediately

Part 2: Mountains should be climbed, not carried

I told you I was not ashamed. And then 200+ people clicked on my blog. Maybe they actually read it, maybe they didn't. Either way...there it was. My anxiety peaked. The guilt and shame edged in. FULL BLOWN ANXIETY ATTACK COMMENCE I didn't know if or when I would return to writing, but here I am... I have to finish what I started. Because it is building up in me. Threatening detonation levels. Leaking out my mouth in anger and frustration, my eyes in tears of sadness and fear. I feel removed and yet suffocated. I left you with my desire to be with my baby. My need to be with him. And how I could not. Damn student loans. Damn pride and promises. So I went back after 12ish weeks to a hellish schedule and very little lab assistance to run my dissertation experiments. I had to pump every couple of hours, and I would only get 15-20ish minutes between animals to do so. I was a sleep deprived, anxious wreck. I constantly rushed and drove home every chance I could to nu