What makes me RAD

I guess the first step is to acknowledge the problem. A little bit like an addiction, ignoring the glaring beast will get you maimed or killed. Ok, so now you have accepted that it is really and truly there. Now what? After decades of ignoring and confronting I can only say that true acceptance only comes to those that are ready. No amount of growing up or education will facilitate the arrival of this moment. You simply must be ready.

Well fuck, I guess it's time to be ready.

I have depression. I am not depressed, it does not define me. I have depression like I have blue eyes and freckles. It is simply one small, albeit often ridiculously annoying, component of who I am. I am fairly certain I have had depression a lot longer than I would like to admit, but it's true regardless. I've fought this beast head to head for some time, and sometimes I pretend it's not really there. I have tried to define its existence, usually by naming a cause or rationale for its presence. But it doesn't matter. 
I have depression.

So what, lots of people have depression. Lots of people take journeys to understanding and embracing all of themselves. This is true, yet my journey has led me to places you may not know about. To ways of living with depression, instead of against depression. 
Because let's face it, there is not a cure. 
I promise you. 
And the evidence suggests there never will be.  I would know, I have spent a long time studying psychology and neuroscience. But this doesn't mean we throw in the towel. 

We need to redefine depression. It is not a disability until we let it become one. I am not going to give you a solution, I am going to tell you to go out and find your own. Without shame. Without fear. Because you must learn to live with who you are, all of yourself. Depression AND freckles.

Are you running against depression? Are you brave enough to admit you are RAD?


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